High Pressure - Hydraulic/Water Float Valve 1/2 BSPP Thread

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This float valve requires no power, simply connect your supply water and the water level will be controlled automatically. Once the water level reaches the integrated float it will shut off the water supply.
This valve is the replacement of the traditional float ballcock, which can be applied to various systems of high water tanks, pools, hydroponics, water carbonators etc. The integrated float is inside the housing so it's less likely to get fowled up by other stuff getting caught up in the float.

This is a passive device making it inherently reliable and requires no electricity. Simply hook up to your water supply and the water level will be automatically maintained. The common (BSPP)1/2" threads make it easy to find other fittings that will work with this device.

This device also comes with an integrated stainless mesh filter screen on the input side to prevent particulates blocking the valve.

Working pressure range: 1bar to 10bar (0.1-1MPa) (14psi - 145psi)
Made from: Food Grade glass reinforced Nylon (PA66)
Working temperature: ≤70°
Resistance to high temperature (but this will reduce the pressure rating): 70°~120°
Size: 72x50x70mm

When the pool or tank water levels falls, the float will sink down and the valve will open allowing more water to run into the tank.

This valve must be mounted horizontally to work correctly. Water enters the top of the float valve where the red filter mesh is located and then flows out the side port.

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