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Welcome to HydroLand

Hydroponic Growing Hardware - Online Store

HydroLand is a business dedicated to supplying high quality hydroponic growing hardware.

We have a strong believe that hydroponics is a sustainable, efficient and domestically viable solution to solving many of the worlds food needs while also creating attractive garden spaces that require minimal maintenance.

HydroLand is a division of KegLand (www.kegland.com.au). All orders and products purchased from HydroLand.com.au are shipped from the KegLand distribution warehouse which is located at:

410 Princes Hwy, Noble Park North, VIC, 3174

With that said our warehouse and customer service staff at KegLand are not highly experienced with Hydroponics so we rely on staff in QLD who are experts at hydroponics to assist with email enquiries. So if you email grow@hydroland.com.au your enquiry will be answered by the more hydroponics experienced team that is based in QLD.

Our Values

  1. Quality: we are all about delivering the absolute best to our customers. We're not just passionate, we are obsessed with making sure the products don't just work on day 1 but many years into the future. It would be impossible for us to promote ourselves as being sustainable unless we were sure our products lasted for many years.
  2. Customer Satisfaction: Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We strive to exceed their expectations by delivering outstanding customer service, prompt assistance, and expert advice.
  3. Innovation: We pour a substantial amount of our profits back into this business to further improve the hydroponic equipment we manufacture. In our eyes innovation allows us to deliver products that give you better results, are less expensive to purchase, and/or make your system easer to use and maintain.
  4. Education: We are committed to providing valuable educational resources to empower our customers. Join the Hoocho's Facebook Group or subscribe to the Hoocho's Youtube channel so you can continue to learn in this ever changing industry.